FITMA 2023 Mexico City June 20-22, 2023

NATURE OF THE EXHIBITION: The management may rent and license space for any exhibit of interest to industry or of educational value. All exhibits must be designed, constructed and operated in good taste and in accordance with the best interest of the Show Management, which management in its sole discretion shall have the right to decide. The exhibitor must conduct all sales activities, publicity and promotion, within the confines of their allotted space. Audio systems are permitted; however, they must be applicable to the specific promotion, and used with a moderate volume so that other exhibitors and visitors can conduct business without being negatively affected. The distribution by each exhibitor of all business material, souvenirs or other promotional material must be confined to the space allotted for the exhibitor. It is prohibited for any person(s) to enter the exhibition without a badge or proof of registration as an exhibitor.

INSURANCE AND LIABILITY: Insurance, if desired by the Exhibitors, must be obtained by them at their own cost and expense. The Management assumes no risk, and by the acceptance of this agreement, the Exhibitors expressly release the Management of and from any and all liability for any damage, injury or loss to any person or goods which may arise from the rental and occupation of said space by Exhibitors and agree to hold and save the Management harmless of and from any loss or damage by reason thereof.

SECURITY: The show management will provide the necessary security to protect the facility and visitors during the days of the exhibition, 24 hours a day, with controlled access and general security. Each exhibitor is responsible for the security of their own contracted space, such as their booth, and their materials, both during the moving periods as well as during the exhibition itself. The show management is not responsible for any loss, theft, or injury caused by machinery, working equipment or any other cause.

REGULATIONS INVOLVING FLAMMABLE MATERIALS: Each exhibitor who brings machinery, or products that generate sparks, flames or fire of any kind must equip their space with the necessary equipment to protect fire. Otherwise, they must have fire extinguishers and civil protection measures in case of emergency.

CARE OF EXHIBITS: While the Show Management is responsible for cleaning of all aisle space, Exhibitors must cooperate by not throwing refuse on the floor, or any other material which will endanger public safety or inconvenience other Exhibitors during show hours. Exhibits must be cleaned by Exhibitors and put in proper shape ½ hour before show opens each day.

UTILITY SERVICE: It is understood that Exhibitors will contract for and pay all utility service required by them at standard rates.

MOVE-OUT: The scheduled hours for moving out of the space are stated clearly in the exhibitor manual. No exhibit, or portion thereof, may be removed during the show without the prior written consent of the management. Removal of goods from the Show Management area must be taken out through the shipping entrance upon obtaining and filling out in detail required removal of Exhibit form from the Management office. There are no exceptions.

BADGES: Badges will be issued by the Registration Service located at the entrance to the exhibition. Badges will only be issued to companies who have paid in full.

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: The maximum height is 6 meters. If any exhibitor has any equipment, materials or machinery that weigh more than 500 kilograms, they must consult the floor lines and weight plan of the space in order to fill out the appropriate forms and bring their machinery to their space the appropriate way. MAX FLOOR LOAD FORM.

a) Comply with the job procedures to perform at heights and to have the Mexico City D.R.O. Permit.
b) Medical check-up before shift.
c) Use of safety equipment required for this kind of job (free-fall belt, harness with double mandolin). As part of the safety equipment when working outside, you must include safety
d) Use of safety equipment according to high risk job to be performed.
e) Be supervised by the Security in charge and/or of the hired contractor.
f) Cordon off the area where the job will take place and signage.
g) Inform the Security Department that you are going to work at a high altitude.
h) Keep the area in order and clean.
i) Display Mexico City D.R.O. permit.

a) Schedule a meeting with Orlando Mendoza to talk about the job procedures and instructions (if applies).
b) Inform the Security Department and other departments involved in the job.
c) To have the Mexico City D.R.O Permit.
d) Medical check-up before shift.
e) The company must have qualified and/or experienced staff to use the oxyacetylene welding cutting equipment and/or electric welding machines.
f) Comply with the check-list of requirements of equipment and machinery:
• Cylinders must be secured with a chain conveyor to the carriage, vertically positioned and the hoses in optimal conditions, safety valves, gauges and have a fire extinguisher.
• The welding machine and its cable, wire cutters, electrodes, etc. must be in good condition.
g) Use of specialized safety equipment for emergency and firefighter equipment.
h) Use of fire extinguisher on each cutting unit and electric welding machine (ABC owned by the hired contractor)
i) Signage, to cordon off the area and to separate the combustible material to avoid risks.
j) Be supervised by the Security in charge and/or of the hired contractor.
k) The installation of safety canvas or sheets to avoid sparks from falling to lower levels.
l) Keep the area in order and clean.
m) The electrical power supply will only be provided by maintenance department of Centro Banamex.
n) Display Mexico City D.R.O Permit.

DECORATIONS: All decorations must be fireproof material and be made fireproof by treatment with fire roofing liquid. Side partition must not block the view of neighboring exhibitors and should not extend more than 3 ½ ft. on either side.

ACCORDANCE TO THE LAW: The exhibitor must act in accordance with the laws, regulations and contracts of the exhibition and of the laws of Mexico.

No one under the age of 18 years is allowed to enter.

CHANGES: These rules, regulations and conditions exist in order to assure the fluidity, tranquility and overall success of the exhibition. The Show Management has total power to interpret the rules, regulations and conditions in order to assure the best interest of the exhibition. All aspects of all rules, regulations and conditions are obligatory for all exhibitors.


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